Why Are Companies Opting for Debranding?

With each passing day, we keep heading toward innovation and modernity in marketing. Though many trends have come and gone, the goal has been constant, i.e., reaching out to a broader audience using multiple strategies. Similarly, while brands had opted for massive, highly detailed, and coloured logos back in the day, the current air is definitely minimalist, making many companies debranding instead.

And before you start looking up answers to questions like what debranding is and how the current market is adopting this change, this blog has covered everything! So, dive in!

What Is Debranding?

Let’s say you’re a fan of a certain soda shop or a popular chips brand. Both companies have built massive recognition with their colourful or massive logos over the years. Now, suddenly, they have decided to remove all the glitz and glam and go for a low-key, minimalist makeover with a basic font. This is debranding in simpler terms.

And why do they do it? Well, considering the modern times, it’s mostly being done for authenticity and originality. For example, most companies want their customers to see them as they are without any decorations. Besides this, we can also add peer pressure in the context.

Types Of Debranding

Now, there are three types of debranding you should know about, we’ve listed them below;

  1. De-Corportatising: This debranding involves removing the company’s name or logo for a marketing campaign.
  1. Generic: This refers to a strategy where a well-known brand changes its name or logo to be more generic and offers plenty of diverse products or services to reach a wider audience.
  1. Modern: lastly, this type of debranding means removing a brand’s name from the logo to acquire other brands without letting the parent company be affected in the process.

The Pros

So, how can debranding be effective? We’ve listed a few pros for a better insight;

  • Product Quality & Functionality

The most important reason behind debranding is to highlight the brand’s services and functionality. By eliminating extra fancy designs, the company allows its customers to pay attention to the product’s quality. Further, by keeping a simple and minimalist design, the companies can appeal to a wider audience through their authenticity and transparency.

  • Removing Advertising Clutter

Next, debranding can help reduce the clutter and noise of frequent advertising flyers from multiple brands. Companies can create an appealing and memorable effect on their consumers with a simple and minimal approach.

  • Modern Preferences

As the modern generation prefers minimalist designs and marketing approaches, many companies adopt such practices to establish a loyal customer base while being authentic and transparent about their products and services.

  • Safer Environment

Lastly, debranding lets companies opt for eco-friendly practices, as the packaging and simple designs can create a sustainable image and promote a safer environment.

The Potential Cons

Now, while debranding has certain merits, we need to go through a few downsides as well. So, here are them;

  • Identity Crisis

Sudden changes in logo designs can shatter the brand’s reputation and trustworthiness built over the years. Thus, frequent changes can make a company lose their authenticity and recognition in the market.

  • Brand’s Personality

Though changing to minimalist designs undoubtedly gives a refreshing change. However, amid such shifts, a brand can lose its certain persona and dissolve the overall impact of being unique in the market.

  • Testing Times

While trends are often appealing and make many people jump on the bandwagon to stay relevant, a sudden, uncalculated move can endanger the brand’s stability. Further, most trends are only short-term; thus, opting for such a strategy without proper planning will be futile.

The Takeaway

While debranding is becoming the new branding, there are additional upsides and downsides which a company should know. And with this helpful blog guide, we hope we’ve cleared all your doubts!

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