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With precision and efficiency, we connect brands with their best audiences with Facebook & Instagram ads that break new grounds for them in helping new potential customers globally. Our efficient & hard-working employees with all their devotion strive to make results-based relationships that enable us to achieve results and establish long relationships with our clients. If you want to market your business with Facebook ads, then you need to partner with a meta marketing agency that can do justice to your business.
  • Complete ad account audit
  • Solid & result-oriented creatives
  • Strategically optimized campaigns
  • Maximum revenue through high brand scaling

Get High ROIs with Expertly Crafted Meta Ads from The Best Meta Ads Agency:

Tenfolds Media being the best meta advertising service agency designs a custom meta campaign for your Instagram and Facebook ads to achieve your business goals and desired outcomes. Being the renowned meta ads agency and our expertise in targeting and ad optimization, we guarantee that your advertising efforts will bring you a high return on investment. Don’t settle for mediocre results, trust the best and watch your business thrive with our expertly crafted meta ads. We will:
  • Develop and maintain an up-to-date advertising strategy and optimization system & work as a top-notch Instagram advertising company.
  • Boost your business’s visibility with better brand analysis and market penetration.
  • Engage a target audience online to build a loyal, long-term customer base
  • Provide helpful performance measures and reporting
  • Use marketing efforts to decrease the burnt rate.

Why Choose Us


We are here to guide you through every step of the way.


Our work gives attention to even the tiniest of details for you brand.


We excel at growing brands to the next level of your dreams.


Our remarkable track record speaks clearly of our capabilities.

Tenfolds Media Boost Conversions & Scale Your Business 10X:

1) Testing Phase

As a Facebook marketing partner we initially through our strategic testing process, we analyze the metrics of different campaign we publish and test different artworks with a relatively bigger and relevant audiences to achieve better conversion rate. Tenfolds Media continues its vision by providing the best meta advertising service to many business niches and scaling them to the top.

2) Audit & Analyze

As an agency, when we audit and analyze meta ads, we typically start by reviewing the client’s existing meta ads and identifying any potential issues or areas for improvement. This may involve analyzing the ad’s relevance to the target audience, the use of keywords and messaging, and the overall performance of the ad in terms of click-through rates and conversions. We may also conduct research on the competition and the market to ensure that the client’s meta ads are effectively positioned to reach their target audience.

3) Optimize

As we implement split testing, conversion lift/brand lift, and offline sales data, we improve performance by determining how to improve creative, what messaging to use, and how to address different areas of your funnel keeping in mind the different buying persona of people. This is our mantra of being one of the renowned Facebook ads agency.

4) Get Best CRO For Website

Your clients anticipate a top-notch user experience. Without a website optimized for conversions, even the most effective advertising campaign will be a gamble. From the first view to order confirmation, we’ll ensure your campaigns offers a seamless, user-friendly experience and it gives a better customer journey. We do not give hope as many other Facebook or instagram advertising company but we believe in results.

5) Launch Ads

You are now on your way to creating highly targeted and raving fans from our unparalleled Facebook & Instagram ads. Using proven Meta Advertising strategies, we give your brand a boost in revenue and scale your brand to the top.

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    Facebook advertising works by creating ad campaigns that target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Advertisers can set a budget for their campaigns, and pay for the ads on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression basis.
    Facebook’s advanced targeting options allow businesses to focus on specific demographics, interests, behaviors and locations, which can help to increase the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.
    You can create your own ads or work with an agency to create ads that will be effective in reaching your audience. Once your campaign is set up, you can track its performance and adjust targeting and budgets as needed to optimize results.
    We can help you to create and manage ad campaigns that are tailored to your business goals and target audience. We provide analytics and insights to track the performance of your ad campaigns, and make adjustments as needed. We also advise you on the best practices, the latest trends, and the optimal budget required for your campaign.
    Our agency has a team of experienced Facebook advertising experts who have run successful campaigns for a wide variety of businesses. We understand that every business is unique and we will work closely with you to develop a customized Facebook advertising strategy that aligns with your specific goals and target audience.
    Since it’s simple to convey your message to people who are on the go and may be swiftly scrolling through Instagram, image or carousel ads are often the most successful for this objective.
    Increase your Instagram following by using paid promotion. Even while Instagram doesn’t have the same follower optimization options as Facebook, you may still use advertising to grow a loyal following.
    According to research, 80% of consumers use Instagram to select whether or not to purchase a good or service. So if your company is large or little, you can develop an economical campaign that attracts new clients and boosts revenues.

    The ideal Facebook advertising formats are:

    1. Video ads: to increase interaction.
    2. Carousel advertisements: to boost sales and conversions.
    3. Collection advertisements: to increase catalogue sales.
    With Facebook presently ranking as the third most visited website in the world, behind only Google and YouTube, Facebook advertisements continue to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for companies.

    Experience Exceptional Brand Performance with Tenfolds Media Meta Advertising Service

    Tenfolds Media, being a leading meta ads agency specializes in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our expert advertising team helps you achieve your advertising goals and reach your target viewers with efficiency and precision. We make meaningful connections between your business and people. We aim to show ads that are as useful and relevant as other social media content you see. Whether your business is small or large, our advertising service will help you increase your sales and hire more people.

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