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You’re a brand with a passion for your product, an incredible story to share, and a mission to leave a lasting impact in the world. We’re a 360 marketing agency dedicated to grow your brand’s presence and revenue, to take it to the next level.

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E-Commerce Product Photography

The most popular service we provide is product photography services for online stores. Professional e-commerce photos with sharp image quality and proper lighting highlight your product's features, make your product stand out among competitors, and give your online store or product listing an established and professional look.

Hero Shots

Hero shots are product photos that capture the viewer's attention right away. These are typically minimally styled solo product photos that use creative lighting and low-angle cinematography, as well as creative editing, to create a mood. They capture attention and establish interest in your product. Hero shots are ideal for print or web advertisements such as publications, billboards, trade shows, social media advertisements, and website home page banners.

Fashion Product Photography

Nothing beats fashion product photography with a professional model for showcasing your clothing and accessory products in your online store. Fashion photography, as opposed to e-commerce photos shot on a tabletop or mannequin, communicates key characteristics about your product, such as fit and relative size, while allowing the customer to imagine how the item might look on them. Professional fashion photos lend a more established and personable feel to your store or product listing.

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We are here to guide you through every step of the way.


Our work gives attention to even the tiniest of details for you brand.


We excel at growing brands to the next level of your dreams.


Our remarkable track record speaks clearly of our capabilities.

Creating a timeless look, coupled with a flawless moment

Partner with Tenfolds Media as your product photography agency to create breathtaking product photographs for your brand. We take a holistic approach to everything we do. With our experienced photographers, highly skilled editors, and graphics designers, we make sure that you get the best of the best and better than the rest. We believe that art and creativity should come hand in hand, so to create your product photographs, we combine both pristine perfection and the spark of creativity.

Visuals that Speak

We create product visuals that speak to your customers. Visually compelling, our product photography checks every box on the benchmark list.

One Product Photography Agency for All Your Needs

No need to hire and coordinate photographers, graphic designers and models–our team does it all, providing a cohesive look and feel. Let us take care of your photos, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Fully compatible

Our photos integrate seamlessly with popular platforms such as, Shopify, and BigCommerce, and others.

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    Elevate Your Images with Top-Notch Product Photography Services

    We all know an effective ad campaign can spike up sales. But in order to drive more significant improvements in conversion rates, a brand requires a lot more than that. Every brand needs its products and services to stand out. And this is where product photography for e-commerce comes in. Presentation and display speak volumes and make a huge impact on the viewer. At Tenfolds media, your ideas and products are treated, unlike any other product photography agency. Our vast experience, solid vision, eye for detail, and custom lighting make us the evident choice for your brand. So stop your hunt for the best product photographer near me, and let us provide a touch of charm to your products and services.

    It’s Time to Upgrade Your Product Images and Bring Them to A New Light

    With a highly talented and experienced photography team, Tenfolds media team has been creating attention-grabbing and amazing product shots for brands. Each and every product that’s brought up in our studio provides us with a chance to unleash our creativity and vision and bring each and every aspect to a new light. We are not just an ordinary product photography agency; we breathe new life into your products. Join hands with tenfolds media and make us your first source of product photography services. Our team of creative photographers and story-teller are extremely easy to work with fast and seamless turnaround time and complete satisfaction guaranteed. We will bring your products to the forefront.

    Persistent Focus and Attention to Detail – We Redefine Product Photography for E-Commerce

    We are all aware that no customers want to buy a product that gives an appearance of a cheap imported product. Hence we invest whole-heartedly in what we do and bring every element of your product to the surface. Our photography team comes with a deep understanding and knowledge of marketing and understands the value of communicating with customers in a meaningful way. Therefore, every photo taken in our studio highlights each and every aspect and understated angle of your products that show them in their true color and value.