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Tenfolds will have your brand teeming with performance-based results, artistic Creativity, inspiration, and forward-thinking. To catch the eye in today’s virtual ecosystem, the brand calls for awe-inspiring branding with enhanced ROI. Tenfolds adds that necessary touch of real-time data integrations, UI/UX charisma, and authenticity to a brand, complementing its market value and development.

Add ingenuity to your online business presence through Content optimization. Your business strategies should be able to make a bold statement.

Product Designs that skyrockets the brand’s recognition with the help of tailored strategy development. Handing out flyers, pamphlets, and brochures is more stimulating when advocating your brand’s eloquence.

UI/UX Interfaces is where a Brand and its Performance Converge to Stimulate Growth. Integrating real-time data captivates the customer, and appealing interfaces is customer-driven, enhancing Brand Recall.

Your Brand/Business is better on board with Us!

_ Purely Organic Traffic

Tenfolds takes a purely organic approach to performance-based digital marketing, which allows sustainable progress, a high influx of organic traffic, and conversions for the company’s brand. Additionally, we work with diversified industries to ensure an acme of Digital marketing knowledge, professional allocation of budget & resources and putting your brand in front of the right audience. This in-depth knowledge enables us to create an extraordinary organic branding that gradually climbs the ladder of success and market penetration. Tenfolds serves numerous industries, including IT, Health Care, Fashion, eCommerce, Real Estate, etc.

Paid digital advertising works with the proper methodology execution while building promotions & campaigns. Tenfolds specializes in paid search for every industry, ensuring the budget is allocated to the appropriate social medium to boost the brand and increase ROI. We take the time to evaluate markets and analyze trends to create the optimal paid search advertising campaigns. Everything we create is yours to keep.

_ Grasping Online specters is our Forte.

In all frankness, the virtual realm is peppered with numerous websites integrating sluggish load time, plain stock images, substandard, worn-out ready-made themes. At Tenfolds, we build websites of optimizing speed, integrating multi-channel approaches essential for a quality user experience. Our design process for a website contains a fanatical emphasis on a distinctive feel that’s pretty stunning. Each website leaving our office is custom programmed, heavy on lead generation & sales, and evaluated for every facet of mobile phone responsiveness.

_ Your Creative Media Partner

Our Digital Marketing Services will Spark Customer Interest in Your Business!

Working on creating fantastic animations, motion graphics, meticulous research, and much more to entertain B2B and B2C clientage. After Marketing Audits, your brand will have increased ROI and perfect market recognition.













_Rebrand with Us!

Why Our Digital Marketing Services Will Work For You!.

The Tenfolds mission is to offer simplicity with easy useability for brands to invest and reap the rewards for millennials.


Digital marketing performance is a reality- numerous variables play a vital role in making a performance-based decision. However, understanding the Performance of Digital Marketing is no easy task- Tenfolds offer impeccable performance measuring indicators (KPIs) integrating modern performance strategies.

Return on Design & Digital (RoDD)

Believing is Delivering- We at Tenfolds believe in creating a RoDD where your brand can monetize its customer engagement. Investments and ROI become tremendously profitable & marketable from our cross-collective design prototypes and digital tactics.


Tenfolds participates with businesses and brands from a top-to-bottom scale to impact digital projects at each lifecycle phase, optimizing the brand. Changes happen; we welcome them. Acknowledging that we work with you, for you, leads toward forward-thinking creativity. Transparent Communication is the key at Tenfolds- everything is discussed and agreed upon to avoid tension points.

_ Why Work With Us

What People Say About Us:

Read what our clients say about choosing us as their Digital Marketing partner. At Tenfolds, we embrace progress & improvements, performance-based decisions, optimized content, and we’re at our proudest when we assist other brands and businesses in embracing better as well.

Tenfolds work toward client success, elevated ROI, better leads & sales generation, and we have an amalgamation of tools, expertise, techniques, and technologies, ensuring one hundred percent results. From Digital Marketing to SEO, from website to product designs, from media buying to media utilization, we’re there to be your right hand. But, most importantly, we have an enthusiastic and responsive team that welcomes innovative ideas from clients!

“People ignore design that ignores people.” noreply@envato.com

-Frank Chimero.


What People Say About Us:


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Tenfolds is a premium design agency offering real-time data analysis, content optimization, tailored strategies & development, growth hacking & strategies, and much more. We employ technologies and an unsurpassed work ethos to promote your brand with the help of social mediums fitting for your brand.