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Increase your brand’s horizons and generate leads and conversions with incredible email marketers. Tenfolds Media as the best email marketing agency integrate the latest trends with high-end communication tools to identify and convert potential to your customers. We provide customized marketing campaigns that fit specifically for the given product and company to achieve all strategic goals:

Our Approach to Successful Email Campaigns

Market research: The stepping stone to implementing any email marketing strategy is research. Hence our email marketing tactics include deep and thorough analysis of the market to find out the norms of the industry and use them as our guide. We also gauge the strategies of competitors in our niche and chart out our strategies accordingly for better results.

Crafting the Content: In the age of digital media, attention is extremely sparse and customers can easily dismiss or lose interest in the content if it’s not appealing or engaging. Hence, be it a transactional, relational, or promotional email message, we produce creative and engaging content that grabs customers’ attention and drives their intent

Outlining Goals: An outline of objectives and goals serves as the foundation for our email marketing process. As one of the leading email marketing companies, we first define the goals and objectives of each of our clients whether its increasing brand awareness, brand loyalty, web traffic etc. Then we build a message that rolls up to those goals and objectives and identify the audience that would convert into those goals.

Emailing Set-Up: Our email marketing focuses hugely on creating emails with engaging content and a huge list of potential buyers. Our strong email marketing strategies are geared towards persuading potential customers to purchase goods and services with our proper email set-up.

Evaluate Results: The evaluation of results helps us keep a record of our promotion being realized successfully by customers and informs us about the revenue generated. We always do a post mortem analysis to analyze how we performed from an open, click and opt out perspective and what data did we collect that could help inform decisions in our future campaigns.

Why Choose Us


We are here to guide you through every step of the way.


Our work gives attention to even the tiniest of details for you brand.


We excel at growing brands to the next level of your dreams.


Our remarkable track record speaks clearly of our capabilities.

We Make Email Marketing Innovative and Seamless:

Campaign Management & Content Creation

Equipped with the latest campaign set-up, content, and design tools, our expert team will execute your email campaigns with finesse from start to end, as we are a well-reputed email marketing agency.

Custom Email Strategies

A unique business like yours deserves a unique email marketing strategy. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and make recommendations for developing a winning strategy that produces results.

Email Automation & Drip Sequences

Our team can help you create personalized email automation for any email platform, keeping your users and customers interested throughout the purchase process. We have you covered with everything from cart abandonment emails to behavior-triggered emails and more.

Template Design

A plain text email or a highly stylized HTML promotional email, our expert team of designers and email marketers are here for you. We’ll develop eye-catching optimized designs that work across all channels.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

    We make sure each of our emails has a greater meaning than just sending it out for the sake of it. We know how to strike the perfect balance between publishing valuable content and presenting relevant offers. We not only focus on sales but map out our email plan in such a way that it builds brand awareness and customer relationships.

    We use Klaviyo for email marketing.

    We perform segmentation i.e. we segment our email list and send targeted emails. We put together highly interactive content and keep our email activity balanced to make sure they don’t land as spam. We also make sure to test emails before we send them.

    Email marketing is a valuable tool to build a one-on-one relationship with potential customers, which leads to an increase in leads and an improvement in sales. It helps you build your business and encourage results. This will always pay off in the long run for your business, no matter the size or industry.

    We have a variety of channels to expand the database of our subscribed clients including surveys, “sign me up” links, return offers, shareable emails, etc.

    Email marketing is the most effective and easiest way to let your customers know you value them. It is highly relevant as it directs personalized content and creates credibility for your business in a pretty effective and budget-friendly way.

    Email marketing campaigns that are completely tailored and geared towards customers serve as a perfect tool to reach target audiences with a personalized message. For making our campaigns more effective, we segment our email lists by whatever customer characteristics we think are relevant to your business.

    Each time an email is delivered to a customer, the information about your products and services is reinforced. This helps build and retain brand awareness and also keeps your product’s name at the back of the mind of your customers when it’s time to make a purchase. Email messages keep your audience engaged during the entire year, whether it’s a slow or busy season.