The Right Process

Discover The Brand

At Tenfolds media, when we take on a client, we strive for excellence at every step of the way. We get to work right away by carefully analyzing your company for any shortcomings in its approach and strategy that causes a barrier to your growth. From the first stage of our process, we ensure that you get a tailor-made marketing plan crafted from scratch by our expert team for maximum growth. With Tenfolds Media, the possibilities are limitless.

Gathering Insights

We gather new insights through our thorough analysis of your brand's direction and the industry in which your brand operates. Then, with a specialized focus on gathering maximum information, by empirical research, along with PESTEL and SWOT, that explores both your reputation and your visibility to help you better understand the marketplace and your firm's role in it.

Brainstorm for The Best Creative Ideas

Our expert team has amassed decades of combined experience crafting and generating successful creative ideas and strategies for different brands. We get to work on your brand by brainstorming through various creative decisions to create a distinguished plan that represents your brand's true soul. And our ideas are worked to match your needs while ensuring they will provide significant growth.

Plan Your Strategy

We then craft a perfectly detailed marketing strategy for your brand with our creative heads after a careful and immaculate process. Our all-encompassing creative process focuses on integrating all the different facets of digital marketing in perfect synergy to create a marketing strategy destined to grow your business to the next level.


Maintain What we achieve

The key to a successful strategy is to maintain it. Therefore, we work continuously and employ the best practices to strengthen your brand's position. With our evolving approach, plans, regular checks, and updates, we ensure that your brand maintains its growth and keeps growing to phenomenal heights.


Inclusiveness At Every Stage

We regularly include input from every expert at every stage of your brand's development process. For example, our Shopify and web development team collaborates with SEO experts to develop a user-friendly experience ranked consistently in searches. Similarly, our Creative Heads always provide their creative input into all social media campaigns, logo designs, and other marketing activities to ensure a well-thought-out and consistent approach to brand building.

Execute the Strategy

Now we execute the strategies on all the parts of your brand for unprecedented growth at all levels. We use all available channels to amplify your marketing campaign and brand messaging to reach your target audience or buyer persona. In addition, we create and implement a cohesive marketing strategy to jumpstart your success to assist you in developing your integrated marketing communications strategy.

Evaluate and Re-Evaluate the Results

After all the implementation and setting of the work in motion, we evaluate the results to see if they match the desired outcomes and if the client is satisfied with the results, which is most of the case. If the client considers any shortfalls, we will re-evaluate any part of the strategy to make them work again.