Vape Brand Achieving a 100%

Increase in Revenue in 7 Months Via SEO


This case study highlights the journey of a UK-based vaping brand, and their partnership with Tenfolds Media, a leading marketing agency. They approached Tenfolds Media seeking assistance with their SEO and website optimization, as they were struggling to rank on the first page of Google despite having quality products and a loyal customer base. This case study examines the strategies implemented by Tenfolds Media and the subsequent results achieved by the vape brand.

Challenges Faced:

  • Intense competition: The vaping industry is highly competitive, with hundreds of established brands dominating the online market.

  • Advertising regulations: Strict regulations made it difficult to effectively market vaping products online.

Strategy and Execution:

  • Comprehensive website and SEO analysis: Tenfolds Media began by analyzing its website and SEO strategy to identify areas for improvement.

  • Customized SEO and website optimization strategy: Based on the analysis, Tenfolds Media developed a tailored strategy that included on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques.

  • Mobile optimization: The website was optimized for mobile devices to enhance user experience.

  • Speed optimization: The site’s load speed was improved to reduce bounce rates and improve search engine rankings.

  • Content updates: The site’s content was updated with relevant keywords to enhance search engine visibility.

  • On-page optimization: Meta descriptions and title tags were optimized to improve search engine ranking.

  • Off-page optimization: High-quality backlinks were built to increase the site’s authority and improve search rankings.


  • Improved online visibility: Their website gradually climbed the ranks of Google’s search results, appearing on the first page for various highly competitive targeted keywords.

  • Increased organic traffic: The enhanced visibility resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic to their website.

  • Boost in sales: The surge in organic traffic translated into increased sales for the vape brand, leading to a 100% increase in revenue within a span of 7 months.

  • Expanded product line: Their success allowed them to expand their product line and introduce new, innovative products to their customers.

  • Strong online presence: The vape brand became a recognized player in the vaping industry, establishing a robust online presence and garnering a loyal customer base.


Through the partnership with Tenfolds Media, they overcame the challenges of the competitive vaping market and achieved remarkable success within a relatively short period. The strategic SEO and website optimization efforts resulted in a 100% increase in revenue for the vape brand in just 7 months. Today, they stand as a leading brand in the vaping industry, benefiting from a strong online presence and continued growth in its customer base. The case study exemplifies the power of data-driven insights, commitment, and adaptability in achieving significant business growth through SEO.