Scaled men’s clothing brand

to $1.6m via omni channel marketing!

When the brand came to us, it barely pulled off its breakeven ROAS of 2.5. So we set out to increase its ROAS to a staggering 4 to 6. And I’ll be happy to report that we consistently and successfully achieved the targeted ROAS of 4.5. So now, let me explain how we maintained this brand’s consistent ROAS wide scale growth.

Changing Content Strategy:

Until then, the brand used its standard product photoshoots to promote itself, which we consider a monotonous and lazy strategy. So, Firstly, we completely revamped the brand’s content strategy while minimizing costs.

Our first step included highlighting a product’s features in all their glory because we aimed to confront all customer queries in our content. For example, when focusing on a form, we arranged an inexpensive yet effective video shoot with a white background and a dashing model on whom the product will shine. Then we took expositionary shots of the shirt from different angles to highlight its features, stitching, fitting, and ability to tuck in perfectly, and a wide-angle walking shot accentuating the shirt’s make and fitting.

The next step was to include the text overlay to weigh in on product features and ownership benefits; all merged seamlessly in a stylized video showing every product at its full potential.

The content revamping led to a higher and international standard brand image. It reshaped the brand to a premium level and a valuable one. And people started to be willing to pay more for more value. So on our suggestion, the brand increased the prices of its new arrival to match the higher level content, and as we expected, the new arrivals started selling in higher numbers.


We then integrated Dynamic Product Ads into the Middle of the funnel and Bottom of the funnel to retarget customers and successfully started achieving consistent sales.

Pro Tip:

An essential tip on maintaining consistent ROAS while saving “ad spend” in the fashion industry is to replenish your stocks when they run out continually or, to put that product into the archive because, in a normal situation, the average sizes of a clothing item get sold quickly. In contrast, the extreme sizes remain in stock longer. As a result, Facebook still keeps showing ads for this popular product, leading to a waste of ad spend because the oncoming traffic on the webpage is the same. At the same time, conversion gets dropped because of size non-availability. Putting the product into the archive results in Facebook not promoting that product and saves “ad spend.”

A successful Brand:

To sum it up, our expert team under the guidance of our senior management put the work into completely revamping the content strategy with perfectly optimized ad campaigns with industry best practices to scale the brand to the next level, with great success.

Simultaneously, we achieved significant results with the sleek intent-based interface of google ads, from where we easily convert customers from the Facebook ads bottom of the funnel.

That is how our omnichannel marketing team helped the brand grow to tremendous heights and achieve an 7 figure in revenue.