Menswear Brand

Niche: Footwear & Apparel

A men’s fashion brand, needed a strategic partner to help scale its business and achieve high sales and returns. They had been in the industry for two months and had already spent a lot of money on running paid ads, but they were getting few returns and conversions. We revamped their marketing strategies with an increased focus on providing quality content mixed seamlessly with well-thought-out plans and efficient customer targeting.

The Background:

It is a fashion and clothing brand owned by country’s leading fashion brand and is revolutionary in the fashion industry of the country. 
It deals exclusively in men’s fashionwear has quickly gained momentum and has emerged as a leading men’s fashion brand. It sells premium leather jackets, footwear, and men’s clothing.

The Challenge:

The challenge was working on, developing, and implementing a new marketing strategy to ensure higher returns, increased profitability, and big sales. It was a difficult situation where we had to reevaluate the company and its performance up to that point. Having been in business for a couple of months, the company had already spent considerable money on unsuccessful advertisements in their initial stages. In short, we had to scale the business to higher margins and not spend a fortune doing so.

We got to Work:

Now that we had the brief about the whole situation, we got to work immediately. Our skilled team of marketers researched the market situation and developed a custom-made strategy for this brand. The strategy was not to put all our attention to paid ads and instead work on developing the brand. The initial stages included developing the content for their websites so that customers could understand what the brand was all about.
Influencer marketing was another thing we chose to focus on, pairing the brand and collaborating with influencers from the country to connect the customers with the brand, increase the brand’s reach and visibility, and penetrate the market quickly.
So, now it was time to implement everything. We reworked and developed new content for their website and social media handles, including their website’s on-page content, product descriptions, new creatives, and blog posts which completely changed the website for good.
Then, we partnered up and collaborated with various high-end influencers from around the country to market the brand on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. Our strategy was to spend only on influencer marketing for the first 45 days so that the audience could comfortably warm up to the brand.
Then our goal was to increase the website traffic to the max, and for this, Google and Youtube ads were the key. Now was the time to spend on ads, but smartly and effectively. For this, we worked and focused on less competitive keywords, used Youtube apparel and styling videos, and pushed influencer ads to start the penetration process.
Now was the time to wait for the perfect moment to target customers, which arrived in the form of the 11.11 Black Friday sale. We started the conversion campaign and pushed the retargeting strategy to match up with the 11.11 sale; behold, the strategy was an all-and-out success. With spending of just $235k, we hit the mark and made a revenue of $1.081m, which amounted to more than 4.6x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), a staggering success for a brand that once was struggling to break even.

How did our strategy work?

Our marketing and targeting strategies were well developed by marketers with years of knowledge about the industry. We used smooth and striking animations and statics with strong messaging that communicated what the brand was about and how it would provide customers value. We created that desire in the audience to achieve the perfect look and how it will help you achieve that remarkable style. We also differentiated the brand from that of the competitors.
It was a fashion brand, and margins were high in the industry. Armed with that knowledge, we pushed the brand to align perfectly with the 11.11 sale so that it peaked when the sale was live. All these things helped them improve their cash flows.
Tenfolds delivers every time because we never work as advertisers only but rather as business consultants.


Tenfolds worked with it and provided it with the necessary guidance to help them efficiently scale its brand successfully. We reworked their marketing strategy and took the focus from just running ads to completely revamping their brand from the start. We developed their website to look magnificent, created new content, and increased brand visibility with influencer marketing. We then pushed the brand to penetrate when the timing was right, and at last, success was achieved.