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A good digital marketing agency knows that every marketing strategy is incomplete without having an efficient way to speak to its customers and deliver the message. Design is one of the key components in digital marketing to build brand awareness and influence the customer’s decision-making process. We provide you with designs that speak of your brand and display its true vision. We use our design techniques to take each of our projects purposefully and handle our client’s unique challenges. From brand image to retail and packaging, we build brands through digital experiences.

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The Designing Channels That We Use for Creating Digital Experiences

Logo Designing

A personalized emblem is a stepping stone for building a brand’s image. It elevates the value of your brand and speaks of your mission and goal within a simple mark of identity. At Tenfolds, we have a team of expert designers that approach logo designing with solid design principles, and distill your brand values into a logo that represents who you truly are.

Stationary Designing

Brand stationary is extremely important to consolidate your brand’s image. It helps you weave yourself in the minds of your customers and lets them keep a token of your brand. We apply superior design and quality standards to give our customers their own customized products to attract the brand-conscious consumer base. Attention to detail, keen vision, drive for perfection, and transformation are the leading forces that make up our stationary designing.

Website Designing

The website is the backbone of a brand’s digital presence. Gone are the days, when you could build businesses on word of mouth and personal connections. In today’s world, you compete on the quality and responsiveness of your webpage. Our website designing service allows you to understand how your site and campaign work, by providing you with a framework of limitations and opportunities for what can or should be done.

Social/Ads Creatives Designing

Social or advertisement creatives are the quintessential part of the user experience. Businesses with engaging and attractive creatives generate on average 60% more than those without. Our creatives team combines the best practices and out-of-the-box thinking to come up with ads that pull the users’ heartstrings. We understand the subtleties and know how to come up with powerful creatives and ads that make users do a double-take.

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