Cosmetic Brand

$650k to $1.1m in 4months!

Tenfolds boosted the revenue of a cosmetic brand from $650k/month to $1.1m/month in 4months.

Must be wondering how it’s possible;

The Journey Began

A cosmetic brand approached Tenfolds Media a few months ago for advice concerning their business. The founders of Tenfolds were skeptical about this brand’s marketing strategies and reputation, and we assumed it would not make it into our client’s list. Regardless, we met with them, and then the tables turned, and guess what… minutes later Tenfolds was on board with that cosmetic brand to solve their issues.

Ohh Wait, let me introduce myself here and my company…

Tenfolds Media is a marketing agency that specializes in providing digital marketing solutions for a variety of companies. We have years of expertise in this industry and have assisted other businesses in achieving positive outcomes in a short amount of time.

The Cosmetic Brand

This cosmetic brand offers a wide range of cosmetics under its label but has mainly focused on face serums. The brand was aiming to make a profit and establish its brand image in the market.

The Problems Identified

The brand entered into digital marketing to scale business, but they forgot the growth of a brand in the skincare niche revolves around building strong credibility.

Even Facebook ads were used but the brand’s business was declining on the revenue graph.

No proper ad testing was done to check the winning ads.

They did not focus on different ad formats,

They did not have any proper ad account structure as their ad spent was getting burnt.

In their case, they were failing to bring conversions using Facebook Ads and were continuously burning money. This made them come to the verge of shutting down their business.

Tenfolds Entered

Tenfolds entered the game; started studying the brand’s concerns, and its advertising strategies. It was a clear case of not understanding how to build a brand in the skincare niche. Eventually, this showed the lackness of proper marketing strategies. This was a fantastic task for Tenfolds, who enjoys taking on new challenges and working hard to achieve outstanding outcomes. As a result, we did not miss the opportunity and stepped up to work for that brand as a brand management and digital advertising agency.

The brand was aimed at a certain demographic of women, mainly girls aged 15 to 30. Their brand’s face serum had just been released, and they were running video ads for it.

After reviewing their whole case, I asked them; do they sincerely want their brand to be successful?

The answer was obvious, yes!

Then my first step was to make the brand understand that credibility is the main factor to focus on while scaling the business online. To properly make them understand their chosen niche, we presented a situation in front of them; there is a girl who is already using face serum from another brand. Whenever your ad appears in front of that girl, casting an influencer, a female, or displaying a photo in that ad, in which you are sending a message to use your serum and have effective results. This strategy will not work with that female, and she will be reluctant to switch to your brand since she is attached to her current product. Why would she put her skin in danger by using your product?

At last, they got my point.

Revamp of Marketing Strategies

Here comes the most interesting part; Revamping the strategies and creating marketing campaigns to build credibility in the online world.

It was high time for that cosmetic brand to focus on establishing its repute. This was not a simple task because trust cannot be established only through Facebook advertisements. We had to think about several advertising strategies that would help us develop credibility.

Marketing through Morning Shows

The first option was to devote a significant portion of the brand’s marketing budget to morning shows. This process works like a system in which a morning show allots 15 to 20 minutes of their respective time to your brand in return for a fee they charge. We used this method and purchased a 15 to 20 minutes slot on each of Country’s top two networks’ morning shows. In that allotted time, we had to explain the product and its results. The host then also recommended the products to the common audience. This helped in building the brand’s strong credibility. There was a certain shoot-up about the increase of 10x that was noticed on the website’s traffic after morning shows. The most important advantage for us was that we used short clips from morning shows for our advertisements because it was the cheapest option, and we also used those short snippets on YouTube to raise brand recognition.

Celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsement was the second step in building credibility. We weren’t looking for standard Instagram or TikTok influencers. We wanted to bring in some well-known actors who often feature in TV shows. Since the company did not have enough money to acquire famous actresses, we turned to recruiting supporting actresses who have been frequently seen in dramas. Our objective was to communicate our message through personalities who are frequently viewed by a large group of individuals. Those supporting characters were paid a certain fee, such as 10,000 or 20,000 for a 30-second promotion of the brand’s product. This also contributed to the development of credibility. That content was also utilized in our advertisements.

Engaging Audiences through Instagram

We wanted the brand to create the FOMO factor and make an impression on our potential customer base that everybody is using our product. So we reached out to those influencers who were not much popular; for this, we picked 100 female Tiktokers and Instagram influencers who were willing to promote our goods free of cost. We worked with them on a barter mechanism in which we gave each influencer one serum in exchange for creating a 30-second short video promoting our product. Even though this method was not intended to generate credibility, our product was highlighted on more than 100 Instagram accounts within the span of three days. We shared their experiences, videos, and images on our social media accounts. As an outcome, our brand name generated a lot of buzz.

Blend of E-Commerce Platforms

Along with these brand growth strategies, we utilized a combination of E-commerce platforms (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, and email campaigns) to turn the target audience into paying customers. The highest ROI campaigns were retargeting campaigns launched after airing on morning shows. The use of morning show clips and supporting actors’ videos turned out to be the best performing video ads. This resulted in a significant increase in visitors to the website, as well as an increase in brand awareness, reputation, and most importantly revenues. The use of bidding strategies is helping us scale the brand very profitably. The most important point here to understand is that growing an e-commerce business is not about running ad campaigns only, it is about understanding the niche, and customer behavior, setting a 360-degree marketing direction, and analyzing data to scale/grow the brand with consistency and you know ‘TENFOLDS is the master of building brands!’

Stabilizing the Ship, Relaxing Moment

Now, we consistently apply similar strategies on a monthly basis, from displaying the product on morning shows to collecting reviews from well-known people. Now that the brand’s credibility has been built, we’re also getting orders through word of mouth as the product is good and has been selling for a long time. Even the existing serum consumers are buying additional goods as well.